Why iejvxr?

The world can seem cold sometimes. Working at a busy cafe in New York City, I couldn’t believe how many mean interactions I experienced. As a timid, sensitive person, these interactions affected me, and I longed for warmth and kindness. As a result, I decided to create my own, and that was how I persevered. This is why I started iejvxr.
I’m so happy I can now share the warmth with you.

What does iejvxr mean? 

The jumble of letters doesn’t mean anything itself, but there’s meaning behind it. I wanted to make art as anonymously as possible, creating a pen name that did not indicate what kind of person I was, or where I was from.


 How do you pronounce iejvxr?

Any way you like! You can pronounce each letter individually, or try to pronounce them as a word.